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Insulation value

R-Value is a rating of the material resistance to thermal penetration. The higher the number the better the protection value. Many circumstances change the R-Value rating. R-Values change with the different thickness and density of the polystyrene panel core, various thickness of shotcrete applied to the interior and exterior as well as fluctuation of ambient temperatures Chart shown below shows the minimum R-Value Ratings you can expect using Tridipanel. 2lb. Polystyrene Core will provide an additional 10-12% R-Rating Polyisocyanurate Core is optional when panels are ordered. 2.5" 1.0 LB Polystyrene Core-R-Value 11.00 2.5" 1.0 LB Polyisocyanurate Core-R-Value 21.00 4.0" 1.0 LB Polystyrene Core-R-Value 18.00 4.0" 1.0 LB Polyisocyanurate Core-R-Value 33.00 5.0" 1.0 LB Polystyrene Core-R-Value 23.00 5.0" 1.0 LB Polyisocyanurate Core-R-Value 41.00 Polyisocyanurate is a special order foam core used primarily for refrigeration purposes or specialty items. R-Values stated is within FTC guidelines.

The Tridipanel System has been designed with maximum environmental comfort in mind. A wood structure simply cannot compare to the comfort level available with the outstanding energy savings created by using the Tridipanel System. Tridipanel will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The modified expanded polystyrene core meets all VA, FHA and HUD thermal requirements.

Tridipanel offers valuable savings: (see graphs, fig1 and fig 2)

1.) No wood studs to transfer or conduct heat or cold through the exterior walls

2.) The incorporation of minimum (3") density of shotcrete and variable thickness of polystyrene ranging from 2" through 5" offers an excellent thermal barrier.

3.) Electrical and plumbing is through the interior side of the Tridipanel, so there are fewer wall penetrations, which keeps thermal loss at a minimum.

4.) Save 50% to 80% of heating and cooling costs.

5.) Reduces size and cost of HVAC System.

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Graph 2
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