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Sound Transfer Coefficient

The S.T.C. (Sound Transfer Coefficient) attenuation is excellent. The double shell configuration of the concrete plus polystyrene plus concrete sandwich minimizes sound transmissions. Typical S.T.C. expected is as follows: 3" Concrete (1.5" each side) = [0.1304 x 38] + 43.48 [4.9552] + 43.48 = S.T.C of 48.4352 4" Concrete (2.0" each side) = [0.1304 x 50] + 43.48 [6.52] + 50.00 = S.T.C. of 50.0000 Calculated from the PCI Pre-cast Manual Note: We are currently working on a new polystyrene panel, which will have an integrated air pocket that will greatly improve this rating.


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